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Assembly Bill 2193

Accelerating Restoration on Private Lands to Boost Clean Water and Struggling Fish

Working on private property


The Need

Over 350 fish and wildlife species in California are considered threatened or endangered under state and federal law. In order to not only protect but recover these species, we must speed up the pace of habitat restoration across the state. However, despite the urgent need for these environmentally beneficial projects, many landowners and managers forego opportunities to restore the natural resources under their care as a result of the difficulties they face in obtaining the necessary permits. The solution is to support Assembly Bill (AB) 2193 to simplify the permitting process with the Department of Fish & Wildlife for small-scale, voluntary projects that improve rural habitats, urban watersheds and coastal water quality.

Simplifying the Permitting Process

AB 2193 will establish a simplified permitting process with the Department of Fish & Wildlife for landowners, state and local government agencies, and conservation organizations wanting to implement small-scale, voluntary habitat restoration projects across California. This will ultimately increase the number of restoration projects completed each year — all without reducing the safeguards or assurances of existing environmental laws. Projects approved under AB 2193 must be consistent with widely recognized restoration practices, must avoid or minimize any incidental impacts, and must result in measurable environmental benefits.

AB 2193 will also ensure that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which plays a crucial role in the protection of riparian habitats and the recovery of imperiled species throughout the state, can more easily meet its own goals for species and habitat recovery.