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Sacramento, California, December 6, 2006 – The State of California Auto Dismantlers Association ("SCADA") has earned California's highest environmental honor, the prestigious Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. SCADA's Partners in the Solution® certification program for auto dismantlers was recognized by Governor Schwarzenegger as a "pioneering effort to integrate environmental values and conservation of natural resources into long-term decision making and management of businesses and facilities." The program was developed in partnership with Sustainable Conservation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit environmental organization, to establish best practices for industry standards and provide compliance assistance to participants.

"We are proud and pleased that our member vehicle recyclers are being recognized for their proactive work to protect the environment," said Manuel Souza, SCADA President. "The Partners in the Solution program is effective because the best practices are practical and cost-effective for recyclers to adopt – as well as being good for the environment."

The Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award Program is the State of California's highest environmental honor. The program recognizes individuals, organizations and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made notable, voluntary contributions in conserving California's precious resources, protecting and enhancing our environment, and building public-private partnerships.

Ashley Boren, Executive Director of Sustainable Conservation said, "SCADA members have taken smart steps to keep hazardous pollutants out of waterways and groundwater. By voluntarily instituting environmentally sounds business practices, they reduce the likelihood that fluids such as engine oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and other vehicle contents release toxics into the environment. Partners in the Solution is a model worth considering across the nation and in other industries."

SCADA developed the "Partners in the Solution" program to motivate vehicle recyclers to achieve a higher level of performance and assist them in complying with a complicated array of business, environmental, and safety standards. The program educates participants and provides the compliance information and assistance they need to ensure that their facilities meet or exceed the industry standards established in the program.

Through Partners in the Solution, SCADA has succeeded in raising the bar for the vehicle recycling industry. Through education and audits, the Partners in the Solution program now covers almost 200 SCADA members throughout the state. The program is an excellent example of the integration of environmental values into the long term management of business operations, and is a unique industry certification program in many ways:

  • It was initiated, designed and implemented by industry – in partnership with stakeholders from the environmental and regulatory communities
  • It establishes plain language, realistic and effective industry standards
  • Facilities of all types – large or small, new or old, self service or wholesale – are able to benefit from participation
  • Participation is mandatory for all SCADA members

About 35 million vehicles will come to the end of their useful lives in California within the next decade. That equates to about 140 million tires, 60,000 gallons of waste oil, 70 million gallons of ethylene glycol, 35 million batteries, thousands of mercury switches and many other products harmful to the environment. When fluids and other hazardous materials are not properly removed, processed and recycled, public health and aquatic ecosystems are threatened.

SCADA is the statewide trade association for licensed vehicle dismantlers, with about 200 members throughout the state. SCADA members strongly believe in and support responsible recycling and environmental protection. They ensure the proper handling and disposal of all automotive-related hazardous materials, including gasoline, oil, Freon, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, batteries, mercury switches and tires. In 2001, SCADA adopted the mandatory Partners in the Solution® program to provide recognition that participating facilities meet specified business and licensing, environmental, and safety standards.

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