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“Experts Tout Conservation Tillage” – Capital Press

While we've championed its clean air and economic benefits for years, the innovative cultivation practice, conservation tillage, is making headlines.

Capital Press recently highlighted how California farmers are adopting the practice: Senior Project Manager Ladi Asgill talks up our program to help California farmers make the switch.

Conservation tillage involves leaving crop stubble (such as corn stalks) on the surface of the soil and planting a new crop right on top.

To date, Sustainable Conservation expanded the number of reduced-till acres in California to more than 80,000 with the help of our industry, academic and government partners. Statewide, reduced till could cut dust pollution from agricultural sources by more than 50%.

Besides reducing greenhouse gases, reduced till cuts harmful air pollution and builds healthy communities (especially in the Central Valley) hard hit by dirty air -- some of the worst in the nation. Reduced till also lowers fuel, labor and maintenance costs for farmers without reducing their yields.

Read the full story: More about Sustainable Conservation's efforts to promote reduced till in California: