Press Coverage

2009 Print, Radio and Television News

"Leopold Award Recognizes Farmers' Stewardship Work"
California Farm Bureau Federation (December 2009)

"Five Points Farmer Receives Statewide Conservation Award at CFBF Annual Meeting"
California Ag Network (December 2009)

"Leopold Conservation Award Goes to Fresno Rancher"
Central Valley Business Times (December 2009)

"Conservation Award to Be Presented to CA Rancher"
Food Manufacturing (December 2009)

"Walden Think+Up Case Study: 'Cow Power:' Creating Natural Gas from Manure"
Walden University Alumni Association Blog (December 2009)

"Manure Power: Dairies Harness Methane to Create Renewable Energy"
Bakersfield Express (November 2009)

"Irrigation/Energy Conference Nov. 18"
California Farmer (November 2009)

"Leopold Conservation Award to Be Presented to John Diener"
California Farm Bureau Federation (November 2009)

"Protective Tilling Seeks to Prevent Soil Erosion"
Modesto Bee (November 2009)

"MGM Mirage's Michele Diener Is Focused on 'High Performance "
Green Lodging News (November 2009)

"Do You Now Know Us?"
Advancing Philanthropy (November 2009)

"Push for Biofuels Loses Momentum"
Capital Press (October 2009)

"California Air Officials Nix Polluting Dairy Energy"
Living on Earth (2009)

"UC Davis Symposium Looks at Organic Residuals Reuse"
Environmental Protection (September 2009)

"Faculte Launches Broadcast Studio for Multimedia Business Communications and Training"
Reuters (September 2009)

"U.S. EPA Co-Sponsors Pacific Southwest Organic Residuals Symposium, September 22-24 at UC Davis"
U.S. EPA (September 2009)

"Safe Harbor Program Could Help Ranchers"
Chico Enterprise-Record (September 2009)

"Take the BMP Challenge"
Western United Dairymen (August 2009)

"Advisory Committee Targets Invasive Species"
Capital Press (July 2009)

"Ornamental Plants Can Invade the Countryside"
Visalia Times-Delta (July 2009)

"Despite Obstacles, Optimism Remains for "Cow Power""
California Farm Bureau Federation (July 2009)

"Central Valley Farmers Offered Help to Try Sustainable Ag"
Central Valley Business Times (July 2009)

"How You Can Help Keep Invasive Plants in Check"
California Country (July/August 2009)

"BMP Challenge Rewards Sustainable Farm Practices"
Ag Alert (July 2009)

"Farmers Tackle Conservation Challenge"
Capital Press (July 2009)

"Biomethane Fuels Dairy Fleet"
Biocycle (June 2009)

"Livestock Waste Fuels Summit Talks"
Capital Press (June 2009)

"Making the Switch"
California Country (May/June 2009)

"Nominees sought for Leopold Conservation Award"
Central Valley Business Times (May 2009)

"'Cow-powered' milk truck debuts"
California Farmer (April 2009)

"Draghose demonstration set for April 15 in California"
Manure Manager (April 2009)

"'Cow-powered' truck shows promise of biomethane fuel"
California Dairy (March 2009)

"The Art of Conservation"
California Country (March/April 2009)

"Banning Toxics From Brake Pads"
KPBS Radio (March 2009)

"Got Manure? These Trucks Run on It" (February 19)

"Cow-Powered Trucks Hit the Street"
Dairy Herd Management (February 2009)

"New Book a 'High Performance' Read for Any Green Hotel Developer, Operator"
Green Lodging News (February 2009)

"Green Is Red Hot at World Ag Expo in Tulare"
Fresno Bee (February 2009)

"Cow-Powered Truck Unveiled at World Ag Expo"
Capital Press (February 2009)

"Cow Power Takes to the Highways"
Central Valley Business Times (February 2009)

"Hilarides Dairy to Debut Cow Manure-Biomethane Powered Trucks at World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA"
Biofuels Journal (February 2009)

"Got milk? Got methane? Got US innovation!"
ABC7-TV (February 2009)

"Dairy Trucks Powered by Cow Waste"
California Air Resources Board (February 2009)

"CNG Chat Radio with Curtis Martin and Bill McGlinchey"
Blog Talk Radio (February 2009)

"Cow Power Takes to the Highway"
KQED (February 2009)

"Biogas Digester at the Hilardes Dairy"
Western United Dairymen (February 2009)

"Green Tech at World Ag Expo in Tulare"
KSFN-TV (February 2009)

"The Power of Cooperative Action"
California Nurseryscape (January-February)

"Ag Briefs: Methane Milk Truck to Hit Road"
Modesto Bee (February 2009)

"Battling Invasives with Beauty: Plant Right"
Garden Gab (January 2009)

"Home on the Range: Elk Creek Cattle Rancher Chet Vogt Balances Profitability and Environmental Sustainability"
Chico News & Review (January 2009)