Press Coverage

2008 Print, Radio and Television News

"PlantRight: Helping Us Avoid Invasive Exotics"
Pacific Horticulture (December 2008)

"Care for the land earns Leopold Award for Glenn County cattle rancher Chet Vogt"
Ag Alert (December 2008)

"Rancher Honored for Conservation Work"
Capital Press (December 2008)

"Leopold Finalists Announced"
Capital Press (October 2008)

"Feed-In Tariffs Could Help Green Power Plants, Backers Say"
California Energy Markets (November 2008)

"Finding the Perfect Balance"
Outdoor California (September 2008)

"Don't Plant a Pest"
Redding Record Searchlight (August 2008)

"Dairy Digester Dispute"
Sacramento Business Journal (August 8)

"The Sweet Smell of Being Green: 'Cow Power'"
Compete to Conserve blog (August 2008)

"Farming Less Pollution"
Valley Voice Newspaper (July 2008)

"Garden Show"/PlantRight
KFBK-AM (July 2008)

"Safe Alternatives to Replace Invasives in California Gardens"
California Agriculture (July 2008)

"Swimming Uphill for Salmon"
San Francisco Magazine (July 2008)

"Greenhouse Gas Reductions by Dairies May Be Thwarted"
Central Valley Business Times (July 2008)

"Fiscalini Plan to Turn Methane into Energy Runs into Air Problems"
Modesto Bee (July 2008)

"Air Pollution Control District Accused of Blocking Clean Air"
Central Valley Business Times (July 2008)

"Blackbirds Benefit from Silage Buyout"
Capital Press (July 2008)

"The Right Way to Plant"
Turf (July 2008)

PlantRight Interview
Sacramento & Company (June 2008)

"Make Friends with the Environment"
Desert Sun (June 2008)

"Plant Lovers Want Nurseries to Stop Selling Invasive Plants"
Associated Press (June 2008)

"Sustainable Farming Is Our Legacy for the Next Generation"
California Farm Bureau Federation (June 2008)

"Ag Notes: Farmers Can Hone Their Skills"
Modesto Bee (June 2008)

"Green Is the New Gold"
Hospitality Net (June 2008)

"California Home Gardeners Protect Wildlands and Wildlife by Avoiding Invasive Species"
Around Town Vallejo (May 2008)

"Don't Pack a Pest"
California Country (May 2008)

"Nominations Sought for Farm Award"
Bakersfield Californian (May 13)

"The Power of Manure"
Today (NBC) (April 2008)

"New Campaign Launched Against Invasive Plants"
Capital Public Radio (April 2008)

"When the Beautiful Go Bad"
Los Angeles Times (April 2008)

"Not Just Napa: Agri-Tourism Boosts Valley"
Fresno Bee (April 2008)

"California Home Gardeners Protect Wildlands and Wildlife by Avoiding Invasive Plants"
News-4 TV (April 2008)

"California Home Gardeners Protect Wildlands and Wildlife by Avoiding Invasive Plants"
Earth Times (April 2008)

"Improving Interactions between Animal Rights Groups and Conservation Biologists"
Conservation Biology (April 2008)

"It's Time to 'Connect the Dots' in Environmental Policy"
California Onsite Generation (April 2008)

"Cooperative Conservation Could Save Tricolored Blackbirds"
California Agriculture (April 2008)

"People in the News"
Central Valley Business Times (April 2008)

"Gardeners Learn to Avoid Invasive Landscaping"
Davis Enterprise (April 2008)

"Gardening Choices Matter"
Claremont Courier (April 2008)

"Today's Newsmakers: Ashley Boren"
San Francisco Chronicle (April 2008)

"Home Invaders: Pretty Plants Turn Ugly Fast"
San Francisco Chronicle (March 15)

"Pest Plants Targeted by New Program"
Central Valley Business Times (March 2008)

"Land Tutor"
California Farmer (February 2008)

"Conservation, Ag Win Together"
California Farmer (February 2008)

"California Biomethane"
Fleets and Fuels (February 2008)

"Green with Worry"
San Francisco (February 2008)

"Range Summit Seeks Common Ground on Conservation Goals"
Capital Press (January 2008)

"Climate Change Event Offers Tips for Row Crop Farmers"
California Farm Bureau Federation (January 2008)

"Land Lovers: Stewardship Is all in a Day's Work in California's Countryside"
California Country (January 2008)

"Sustainable Conservation Launches Climate Change Program for California Agriculture"
California Fresh Fruit & Raisin News (January 2008)