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National Dairies Environmental Stewardship Council

In partnership with Environmental Defense, through its Center for Conservation Incentives, Sustainable Conservation has invited dairy waste management experts from around the country to serve on a National Dairies Environmental Stewardship Council (NDESC). Dairies are under increased pressure to address air and water quality impacts. Under a command and control regulation approach, compliance is potentially expensive and time consuming. However, effective and economically advantageous management practices and technologies, designed to handle manure in environmentally sound ways, are being used on dairies across the U.S.

The objective of the NDESC is to identify successful treatment options for dairy waste that are both environmentally beneficial and economically viable, and to recommend strategies for increased adoption of these practices. The NDESC Members, experts in waste management, represent dairy producers, environmental organizations, USDA, academia, and cooperative extension. The final NDESC report highlights the most promising treatment options for dairy waste as well as models for implementation.