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Climate Change

Empowering Farmers to Cool the Climate

Man on Tractor

Did you know that agriculture accounts for about 10%* of California’s global warming gases? Fortunately, California farmers and ranchers have some of the most cost-effective opportunities to reduce greenhouse gases.

Sustainable Conservation works with farmers across the state to identify practices that can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in ways that make environmental and business sense. We partner with scientists, agricultural leaders, policymakers and other experts to:

  • Research and promote farming methods that trap or reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Support the development of renewable energy and biofuels produced sustainably from agricultural waste and by-products;
  • Shape a market-based carbon offset program tailored specifically for California agriculture; and
  • Help shape regulations which encourage the adoption of climate change solutions through agriculture.

Sustainable Conservation’s approach is a cost-effective, market-based way to engage California farmers in slowing the pace of climate change. Our efforts also help protect clean air, clean water and healthy ecosystems.

Farmers can benefit economically from their ability to:

  • Store carbon in the soil;
  • Reduce or prevent greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Produce renewable energy.

We focus on:

  • Cow Power: Converting cow manure into renewable electricity and fuel, which prevents methane from exacerbating climate change.

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* This figure includes food production, processing and transportation.

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