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Brake Pad Partnership

Steering Committee

Michael Endicott

Representing the Sierra Club
Tres Amigos Verdes

Terry Heffelfinger

Director, Product Engineering, R&D, & Quality
Affinia Global Brake & Chassis

Richard Looker, M.Eng, P.E.

Water Resources Control Engineer
San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board

Tim Merkel, Ph.D.

Representing friction material manufacturers

Kelly Moran, Ph.D.

Representing the California Stormwater Quality Association
TDC Environmental

Bob Peters

Chief Engineer of Friction Material Engineering
Akebono Brake Corporation

Mark Phipps, Ph.D.

Vice President, Research and Development
Morse Automotive

Christopher C. Shepley, M.R.S.C., A.C.M.I.

Director of Research and Development—Friction Materials, Brake Parts Inc.

Technical Advisor:

Mark Schlautman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Clemson University

Sustainable Conservation Staff and Consultants:

Ashley Boren

Executive Director

Stacey Sullivan

Policy Director

Kirsten Rosselot

Technical Consultant
Process Profiles
(818) 878-0454