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"Best Management Practices Challenge" Boosts Sustainable Farming in California

Since 1998, nine states throughout the U.S. have participated in the BMP Challenge. The goal for 2009 is to triple the number of acres enrolled in the program. Doing so would cut nearly 8 million tons of carbon, more than 750,000 pounds of nitrogen and almost 7,000 pounds of phosphorus.

In partnership with Sustainable Conservation, American Farmland Trust is bringing its popular "Best Management Practices Challenge" to California to promote a healthy environment and economy in the nation's most productive agricultural state.

Best management practices, or BMPs, like those which reduce water and air pollution, show great promise in protecting natural resources. They also show promise in boosting farmers' bottom lines.

Implementing BMPs, however, can be challenging. If there's no guarantee that their crops and incomes won't suffer, farmers are reluctant to try new practices.

The BMP Challenge for Nutrient Management and BMP Challenge for Reduced Tillage overcome this barrier by reimbursing farmers for crop and revenue losses that may result from implementing beneficial practices on their land.

That way, farmers have nothing to lose in helping clean up California.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

> BMP Challenge for Nutrient Management.

> BMP Challenge for Reduced Tillage.