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Weeding Out Invasives

Sustainable Conservation is showing California's horticultural industry how replace harmful invasive plants with varieties that protect wildlife, communities and its business.

Bob Adams at Monrovia

Bob Adams, Sustainable Conservation's Director of Business Partnerships, and Nicholas Staddon, Director of New Plants for Monrovia, discuss the beauty of non-invasive plants in reducing impacts to California's landscapes, wildlife and communities.

According to Nicholas Staddon, Director of New Plants for Monrovia, one of the country's largest nurseries: "Invasive plants are an often overlooked problem that can negatively impact California's most sensitive landscapes and habitat."

"In collaboration with Sustainable Conservation, I learned that half of all invasive plants in California have origins in the horticultural industry. Realizing that this is a national issue with regional solutions, it was a natural fit for Monrovia to take the lead in helping fix the problem."

Through our PlantRight campaign, Sustainable Conservation teamed up with Monrovia and other major California plant growers and retailers to stop the sale of invasives— and trim the more than $80 million the state spends each year on control and eradication.

A cornerstone of PlantRight's approach is offering scientifically sound, non-invasive alternatives that not only look beautiful in the garden, but make economic sense to the industry.

In Full Bloom

"Our work together has really paid off," explains Nicholas. "With the industry driving and Sustainable Conservation navigating, the number of invasive varieties for sale has plummeted by 75%." This includes major offenders like Arundo that not only damage the environment, but fuel wildfires and threaten homes.

PlantRight's efforts have also resulted in a 70% drop in the number of independent and big-box retailers statewide selling invasives.

"Through PlantRight, the industry has proven itself as an effective leader in combating a serious environmental threat in a way that's good for business," states Nicholas. "There's no problem we can't beat with that combination."

Get Involved

Visit PlantRight to learn more about invasive plants in your area, and how you can protect California's landscapes and wildlife.

Every smart gardening choice makes a difference to California's environment. You can protect native plants and the animals that rely on them by growing beautiful non-invasive landscapes.

Many non-invasive plants offer additional benefits, like lower water consumption, fewer fertilizer requirements and attracting wildlife. If you live in a fire zone, planting non-invasive, fire-safe plants can help protect your home and property from the dangers of wildfire.

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